Our Mission

Our mission is to help homeowners and renters achieve freedom through providing property management education and services.


Our vision is to be a one of a kind property management company cultivating worthy atittudes.

Our Core Values


Meet Our Team


Founder + CEO

Hey there! I’m Déja Coley, Founder and CEO of DéSector Property Management. I’m the product of 2 long-term landlords aka my mom and dad. Although I observed their journey for over 20 years, it wasn’t until college that real estate began to peak my interest. My parents worked extremely hard to invest in my college career and used their rental income to do it. I graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering. But for many semesters, I faced challenges with having tuition paid on time mainly due to my parents receiving their rental income late or sometimes not at all. I hated this inconvenience but even more, I hated not understanding why it was happening. There was an urgent need for me to learn more about why my parents or any landlords dealt with late or unpaid rent. So, I utilized my innate engineering skills to help me get answers.

Through data analysis and interviews with industry professionals, landlords, and residents, I learned that reliable rental income is less about numbers and more about relationships. In an interview with an industry professional, they communicated, “you shouldn’t care about them, because they don’t care about you”. This very conversation made it evident for me that the industry needed less professionals who treated residents like transactions and more professionals who treat residents like the real human people they are.

In 2017, I launched DéSector Property Management, a full-service boutique residential property management organization, that aims to facilitate generational wealth for working professionals and entrepreneurs. In 2019, I became a licensed Real Estate Agent in the Commonwealth of Virginia. While at this time, DéSector is brokered by F & G Realty, we plan to expand into our own brokerage in 2023.


Operations Assistant

Hi, I’m Toni! I help women business owners reclaim their time by being their right hand in their operation, allowing them to work in their zone of genius.

Years ago, I put myself through school by working in the hotel industry. The medical field called to my need to serve and help and for a time, it seemed like the right fit. However, somewhere along the way, I fell in love with hotel service. For me, it was the perfect mix of organized procedures and caring for people’s needs. After I graduated from school I became devoted to hotel operations and management. I spent 11 years – organizing and streamlining procedures while caring for customers with joy and a smile.