Hi, I’m Déja, the founder and CEO of DéSector Property Management. Growing up, both of my parents were landlords. But, it wasn’t until college that real estate began to peak my interest. My parents worked extremely hard to invest in my college career and used their rental income to do it. Each semester, I prepared to register for classes only to find out that I couldn’t; my tuition was not paid. Like most college aged students, I was only concerned with my wants and needs not understanding the intracacies of being a landlord. The engineer in me could not let this go. So, I began doing my research and asking more questions. A year or so went by and I felt that it was time this problem get solved.

Through my research, I arrived at the conclusion that consistent rental income is less about numbers and more about relationships. I conducted some market research on industry property managers and how they thought about their work. One property manager told me, “you shouldn’t care about them, because they don’t care about you”. This confirmed for me that the industry was certainly lacking the people first mindset that I was looking to add.

In 2017, I launched DéSector Property Management. DéSector Property Management is a residential property management organization, helping to alleviate homeowner headaches through providing a hands-free rental ownership experience. We also aim to improve resident living experiences by building genuine relationships.  In a $77 billion industry, our competitive advantage is our commitment to proactivity and a people first mindset.

In 2019, I became a licensed Agent in the Commonwealth of Virginia to expand company services. DéSector is brokered by F & G Realty.