• Feel frustrated with unreliable tenants who don’t consistently pay rent on time?
  • Value quality and process but need someone with time and knowledge?
  • Want to begin using your assets to build wealth but not sure how?



  • Are fed up from having to cover the rental’s mortgage everytime tenants don’t pay
  • Are tired of coordinating maintenance repairs
  • Are disappointed with wasting time selecting poor tenants

DéSector Property Management has definitely relieved me of the stresses of dealing with my tenants. I can sleep at night knowing I have this trustworthy company working on my behalf.

Pamela, Homeowner

Secure profits. Save time. Maintain peace.

What’s included

  • Make all diligent efforts to procure a suitable resident
  • Negotiate and execute leases, renewals, or subsequent leases
  • Advertise the Property

  • Investigate credit references of prospective tenants, approve applications, sign leases, renew, and/or cancel existing leases

  • Keep accurate records of the rent receipts and expenditures

  • Furnish accounting statements and detailed annual statement of receipts and disbursements

Financial Management
  • Collect all rents and other charges
  • Promptly remit rent
  • Coordinate payments to contractors on your behalf
Property Maintenance
  • Manage repairs/maintenance of the property
  • Hire, coordinate, and discharge all labor and contractors required for the operation and maintenance of the Property
  • Terminate tenancies and sign and serve such notices as are deemed necessary and appropriate

  • Institute and prosecute actions to evict tenants


11% of the monthly rent

9% of the monthly rent

 Contact us for pricing.

Setup fees will apply.



Our team shoulders the load so that you don’t have to. Through amenities such as electronic rental disbursement and the client portal, we make it easy for you to receive your rental profits and view your statements on demand from anywhere without needing to contact our team.


We’re committed to building and maintaining trust with all of our clients. As maintenance issues occur, we will communicate problems clearly, set proper expectations for necessary resources, and provide a report of the issue.

Quality Standards

We believe that your property deserves the best care. We work with credible industry professionals to maintain the safety and beauty of your property.


In this industry, time truly is money. We leverage technology to automate portions of our processes allowing us to reach solutions quickly and thoroughly.




Tell us about you, your preferences, and your property. With this information, we are able to evaluate if we can meet your needs

Using the information from the intake form, we will prepare the agreement and invoice for signature and payment. You’ll gain access to our client portal after we’ve recieved the paid invoice.


Our team will determine the leasing rate, conduct tours, screen applicants, and activate lease agreements.

Our team will coordindate professional services to prepare the property for leasing.  Services may include lock changes, cleaning, and lawn care.



Residents will gain access to their resident portal where they can pay rent and submit maintenance requests.

After move-in, you’ll recieve a move-in statement via the client portal and funds via direct deposit. Every month following you will receive your statements and funds in the same manner.


You may not be looking for full service property management services, you just need an expert to match you with an amazing resident. We’ll do everything for you until your resident is moved in with a signed lease!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you screen applicants?

All applicants undergo background and credit checks. Additionally, we screen applicants using a rental behavior assessment.

When can I reach you?

Clients can always reach us by phone or email between 10 AM-4 PM. Responses are always within 1 business day.

Who conducts the eviction process?

Our evictions are conducted by our legal team of licensed real estate attorneys.

How can I view a summary of my property’s financial transactions?

Clients have access to an online client portal where you can communicate with us, access your monthly statements, management agreements, and more!

Am I required to use your contractors?

Our relationships with our maintenance teams is a significant factor to the quality of our work. We are open to using other professional maintenance companies but they must be able to meet our guidelines of service.

Can I decline professional services such as photography and cleaning?

These professional services are usually required. If the home already has professional photos whcih reflect the existing state of the home, new photos are not required. However, professional cleaning is required but can be evaluated in odd cases.

What areas do you service?

We wish we could serve everyone but we currently only service areas within 30 miles of Northern Henrico, Virginia. Don’t hesitate to ask, we may be able to evaluate your needs on an individual basis.



3517 Floyd Avenue #7082, Richmond, VA 23221